Summer, summer, summertiiime

5th June 2018

It’s been a while! The next blog post was meant to be about us leaving Westgate. But definitely forgot about that. Pretty sure it’s still our address on Google as well.

Then the next post after that was meant to be a big, excitable summer preview… again slightly dropped the ball there.

So lets just skip over that and get straight into the nitty-gritty.

May was great. Christchurch Food Festival kicked things off in style, and also saw Charles Herbert extend his proud record of working for Los Churros Amigos every year since we were founded. He should probably be given some kind of commemorative award. If anyone knows where we can get hold of a passable fake Rolex, please get in touch.


After Christchurch we headed just up the road to a beautiful place called Alresford, for the biggest and baddest Watercress Festival known to man. We’ll


The year of the Chuzza

30th March 2018

Hugo is back, and boy do we mean business! It’s all sticky notes and meetings about meetings at LCA HQ.

I know I always say this, but we’ve got some genuinely big things in the pipeline. 2018 is gonna be a double banger.

Especially as we’re finally making our debut at British Summer Time Hyde Park!



Last weekend we were trading at the Boat Race, but thanks to the weather it was a bit of a damp squib. It’s been a long old winter.

In the actual racing Cambridge took home a clean sweep. Miserable stuff for Oxford. But it’s not all bad, as with the clocks going forward, Westgate is really starting to come alive.

Extra daylight is underrated and so is the roof terrace at Westgate. It has yet to reach it’s full potential, but in a couple of months when the sun is shining it will


Snow days, mouth spray and a regretful PJ

2nd March 2018

IT’S BEEN SNOWING. And as expected the nation is completely falling apart. People are sleeping on motorways, there’s no diesel left, and Toys R Us is closing down. Which does seem a bit extreme. Norway gets snow all the time and they still have toy shops.

Oxford has got away with it mostly, but even as an exiled northerner I will admit that it’s been cold.

What better time to look forward to another soul-stirring summer at festivals including:

Big Feastival


Camp Bestival


Common People






(And plenty more yet to be confirmed!)

Westgate update:

We’re still there. We moved a few hundred yards round the corner from our original spot. We wanted a better view.


Hugo update:

Enjoying a well-earned break. He did too much yoga in Sri Lanka and his hip is hanging off. He’s now in New Zealand paying £10 for a mocha. Hopefully he’ll have some good stories for the


Winter is here and it’s not warm

28th November 2017

November has almost been and gone, and as you’d expect it’s been quite lively for everyone’s favourite Amigos.

We’re officially IN Oxford’s new Westgate shopping centre. Moving in removed a huge chunk of our souls. After being delayed, and delayed, and then delayed a bit more, we finally arrived to start the build at 8.30pm on Wednesday 15th November. Spirits were high – especially after a hard-fought win at 5-a-side.

We didn’t leave until 8.30am the next day! Spirits were at an all time low and Chris hasn’t been the same since. So come and see us for his sake. Also the stall is beautiful and our spot on the roof terrace is very cool (literally ❄️).


What else has been happening…

Our veteran van Deborah has had a tough time. Somehow, someone failed to see a huge, white, long-wheel-base Mercedes Sprinter parked on


Westgate Oxford, we’re coming for you!

26th October 2017

It’s finally happening – we’re getting our first permanent home.

After years on the road, we are settling down.*

On the 6th of November we are opening on the roof terrace of the revamped Westgate shopping centre in Oxford.

It will be the UK’s first dedicated churros and Belgian chocolate shop (we’re bringing out a range of new dips) and will be open 7 days a week come rain or shine.

So from November 6th get up there and enjoy the unique view of the Oxford skyline that the roof terrace offers.

Have I mentioned the date we move in? It’s the 6th of November.

As most of you know, Oxford is our hometown, and to say we’re excited to be opening our flagship stall in our own backyard is an understatement – I mean just look at Hugo’s face!


At the moment the plan is that we’re going to be


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