The Magnificent Seven

13th September 2017

Well then. How about that. It’s over. The final gas bottle of the season has been disconnected. Summer 2017 is no more.


Or is it? Did the last few months really happen? Or have I just woken up from a warped chocolatey dream that ended with Take That singing ‘Relight My Fryer’ at Hyde Park?

OK that got a bit weird. Of course it happened. Our biggest and baddest year yet – in which we had SEVEN stalls out on certain weekends!


It’s time to put some of those stalls away for the winter, but the chuzza-train keeps on rolling relentlessly. This weekend we return to Hampton Court Palace for The Handmade Fair, and we’re also heading up to the Clumber Park Food and Drink Festival.

The NFL season kicked off last weekend, and we’ll


Lisbon, dinosaurs and biblical churros

25th April 2017

OK so here’s the latest instalment of our blockbuster blog. I know it’s been a real page-turner, and I’m sorry for making you all wait for so long with such eager anticipation.

The first port of call has got to be our road trip to Spain in March. Just like last year we went to visit our suppliers, and with a couple of fixes needed, we were left with a few days to ourselves. After such a long drive, soundtracked by some hard-hitting podcasts (Last Podcast on the Left) we decided to treat ourselves with more driving and a trip to Lisbon.

None of us had ever been to Lisbon before so we dived in head first, and were delighted with what we found. Maybe it was the hangover-free red wine, maybe it was the deliciously cheap food, or maybe it was simply the sheer conviviality of our local neighbourhood. We can’t


Amigo-ography: Jacob Negus-Hill

14th February 2017

Amigo-ography – seems a bit stupid at first, but it does roll off the tongue and it’s better than ‘amigography’.

This is the first in what will be a regular series (more likely a one-off judging by our commitment levels to this blog) profiling some of the people who have made Los Churros Amigos what it is today. These guys keep the company ticking so they deserve some recognition.

It’s half-term at the moment so Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick is open all week. Jacob is there every night and has been since the event began. As well as working for us he is also picking up some extra shifts with our good friends The Duck Truck every morning, as he tries to pay off his upcoming Masters Degree. Impressive work ethic, especially considering he spends his weekends living like Keith Richards.


The year ahead

10th January 2017

It’s safe to say that 2016 won’t be remembered as everyone’s favourite year.

Exactly 12 months ago the misery began with David Bowie… well you know, and it all went downhill from there.

Every single celebrity ever followed Bowie to the grave, and then there was Brexit, and then there was Donald Trump and his alleged Russian hackers winning the US presidential election (allegedly). If any lawyers are reading this I said alleged and allegedly there so I’m covered. But I don’t think there will be any lawyers reading this. Does anybody read this?

Anyway, yeah, 2016 was tough at times. Especially the time when our van sunk in the mud at Glastonbury, and we couldn’t get it out until the Tuesday. Watching England lose to Iceland on an iPhone, on a bench in the middle of a silent and empty festival, was a real low point.


Merry Christmas

24th December 2016

Another year over, a new one just begun… blah, blah, blah.


Only joking – Merry Christmas to all of you churros-munching, chocolate-dipping legends!

December is our new favourite month. Churros have been flying out of the fryers at the Magical Lantern Festivals in Birmingham and Leeds, whilst we also made our long-awaited debut at the Oxford Christmas Markets.


Serving our home crowd on a daily basis for the best part of two weeks has been bloody tremendous. Oxford has such a wide-ranging mix of people, and they were all brought together by the markets (hats off to Nicole and her team). There was a lot of love for our churros and a lot of questions as to why we don’t have a permanent premises in town – all in good time.

For the moment we’re gonna put our feet up for


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