Winter is here and it’s not warm

28th November 2017

November has almost been and gone, and as you’d expect it’s been quite lively for everyone’s favourite Amigos.

We’re officially IN Oxford’s new Westgate shopping centre. Moving in removed a huge chunk of our souls. After being delayed, and delayed, and then delayed a bit more, we finally arrived to start the build at 8.30pm on Wednesday 15th November. Spirits were high – especially after a hard-fought win at 5-a-side.

We didn’t leave until 8.30am the next day! Spirits were at an all time low and Chris hasn’t been the same since. So come and see us for his sake. Also the stall is beautiful and our spot on the roof terrace is very cool (literally ❄️).


What else has been happening…

Our veteran van Deborah has had a tough time. Somehow, someone failed to see a huge, white, long-wheel-base Mercedes Sprinter parked on


Westgate Oxford, we’re coming for you!

26th October 2017

It’s finally happening – we’re getting our first permanent home.

After years on the road, we are settling down.*

On the 6th of November we are opening on the roof terrace of the revamped Westgate shopping centre in Oxford.

It will be the UK’s first dedicated churros and Belgian chocolate shop (we’re bringing out a range of new dips) and will be open 7 days a week come rain or shine.

So from November 6th get up there and enjoy the unique view of the Oxford skyline that the roof terrace offers.

Have I mentioned the date we move in? It’s the 6th of November.

As most of you know, Oxford is our hometown, and to say we’re excited to be opening our flagship stall in our own backyard is an understatement – I mean just look at Hugo’s face!


At the moment the plan is that we’re going to be


A week in the life of Los Churros Amigos

28th September 2017

There is more to street food than Citroen H Vans and pizzas named after wrestlers.

Actually there isn’t, and for the most part that’s what makes it so easy. Anyone can start a street food business.

You still have to go out there and do it though. The late nights, the driving, the hours of preparation. However good your idea/recipe is, without getting stuck in and doing those hard yards, you’re going to fail. And even if you do put all your effort in, you could still fail.

17/09/17 ‘Day of rest’
Mow the lawn, watch Netflix, get down to Hampton Court Palace and pack up a stall. Classic Sunday. Somehow we’re also 2 staff down. One ill, one AWOL (presumed dead).
3pm – Set off to Hampton Court. Event finishes at 6. I’m well ahead of the game.
5.30pm – Still sat in the van. M25 has had me right off.
6.30pm – Arrive


The Magnificent Seven

13th September 2017

Well then. How about that. It’s over. The final gas bottle of the season has been disconnected. Summer 2017 is no more.


Or is it? Did the last few months happen? Has Hugo really had a hair cut? Or have I just woken up from a warped chocolatey dream that ended with Take That singing ‘Relight My Fryer’ at Hyde Park?

OK that got a bit weird. Of course it happened. Our biggest and baddest year yet – in which we had SEVEN stalls out on certain weekends. Howay the lads (and lasses)!


It’s time to put some of those stalls away for the winter, but the chuzza-train keeps on rolling relentlessly. This weekend we return to Hampton Court Palace for The Handmade Fair, and we’re also heading up to the Clumber Park Food and


Lisbon, dinosaurs and biblical churros

25th April 2017

OK so here’s the latest instalment of our blockbuster blog. I know it’s been a real page-turner, and I’m sorry for making you all wait for so long with such eager anticipation.

The first port of call has got to be our road trip to Spain in March. Just like last year we went to visit our suppliers, and with a couple of fixes needed, we were left with a few days to ourselves. After such a long drive, soundtracked by some hard-hitting podcasts (Last Podcast on the Left) we decided to treat ourselves with more driving and a trip to Lisbon.

None of us had ever been to Lisbon before so we dived in head first, and were delighted with what we found. Maybe it was the hangover-free red wine, maybe it was the deliciously cheap food, or maybe it was simply the sheer conviviality of our local neighbourhood. We can’t


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