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We’re a big deal now

29th February 2016

Do you remember the TV show ‘How 2’?

Fred, Gareth and Carol told us the facts about such things as magnets and electric eels.


* Look at where Gareth’s hand is. Cheeky

It was a gripping watch for all the family – a great learning tool for the kids, and something new for Dad to impress his mates with down the pub.

The Spanish region of Castile and León has its own version. Recently they did an episode about churros, and much to the local TV station’s good fortune, up and coming  influencers Hugo Tracey and Sam Viller happened to be in the area.

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Chinese New Year

15th February 2016

Chinese New Year has been very kind to us.

The Magical Lantern Festival is turning out to be an awesome event, and yesterday at the Trafalgar Square celebrations we had a queue the length of the Great Wall itself!

Behind the scenes we’ve been just as busy. We’ve built our stall for Trinity Leeds – and she’s quite the sort.

First we smashed down a barn:


Then this happened:

churros-chocolate-trinity-kitchen-leeds IMG_1224 IMG_1225 churros-chocolate-trinity-kitchen-leeds

I think you’ll agree that it was definitely worth all the splinters.

Finally, a warning to our customers. Charlie returns from his globetrotting this week. Our stalls are gorgeous and our churros are fantastic, but you’re gonna be bored stiff by his stories about untouched beaches in the Maldives and endangered squirrels in Vietnam.


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