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Year of the Chuzza

30th March 2018

Hugo is back, and boy do we mean business. It’s all sticky notes and meetings about meetings at LCA HQ.

I know I always say this, but we’ve got some genuinely big things in the pipeline. 2018 is gonna be a double banger. Especially as we’re finally making our debut at British Summer Time Hyde Park!

Last weekend we were trading at the Boat Race, but thanks to the weather it was a bit of a damp squib.

In the actual racing Cambridge took home a clean sweep. Miserable stuff for us Oxfordians. But it’s not all bad, as with the clocks going forward, Westgate is really starting to come alive.

Extra daylight is great and so is the roof terrace at Westgate. It has yet to reach it’s full potential, but in a couple of months when the sun is shining it will be a glorious spot.

Imagine eating the best churros in the world, whilst enjoying a unique skyline of spires and countryside. Can’t do that in Cambridge.

Snow Day

2nd March 2018

It’s been snowing and as you would expect the nation is falling apart.

The roads are a mess with people are sleeping on road sides, there’s a shortage of diesel and Toys R Us is closing down. Which does seem a bit extreme – Norway gets snow all the time and they still have toy shops.

Oxford has got away with it mostly, but even as an exiled northerner I will admit that it’s been cold.

What better time to look forward to another soul-stirring summer at festivals including:

  • Big Feastival
  • Boardmasters
  • Camp Bestival
  • Carfest
  • Common People
  • Download
  • Lovebox
  • Victorious
  • Wireless

(And plenty more yet to be confirmed!)

Westgate update:

We’re still there. We moved a few hundred yards around the corner from our original spot. We wanted a better view.


Hugo update:

Enjoying a well-earned break. He did too much yoga in Sri Lanka and his hip is hanging off. He’s now in New Zealand paying £10 for a mocha. Hopefully, he’ll have some good stories for the next blog.


Jimmy update:

He’s been going to puppy school. He’s not the best-behaved dog there, but he does have the freshest breath after eating a bottle of mouth spray.

Oh and finally a public appeal on behalf of one of the team.

And finally:

PJ and Oscar have been manning the Westgate stall over the last couple of months and during the quiet times Oscar has been passing the time by playing chess against a computer, whilst PJ has been reading Ulysses by James Joyce. What fine young men.

At the end of a shift whilst PJ was cleaning up, a customer tried to engage him in conversation after noticing his copy of Ulysses on the till. She told PJ that she was currently studying Ulysses and asked if he’d like to compare notes, to which he didn’t show much interest.

The customer could see PJ was concentrating on closing the stall for the night, but she persisted by asking him again. After no response, in one final attempt, she asked for his number. A distracted PJ declined.

It wasn’t until he was walking home, content with another solid day’s work, that PJ realised what had happened, and that he had given (an extremely attractive) female version of himself the cold shoulder.

If you know this girl, or if for some divine reason you are the girl and you’re reading this, please swing by the stall and give PJ a second chance.

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