5 reasons why Los Churros Amigos are perfect for your party or wedding

29th April 2021

1. Always fresh

If you’re getting a dessert, you want a fresh dessert. Our churros are made from scratch every time, hand mixed, and then deep fried to order.

The same goes for our Belgian chocolate dip, be it the milk or vegan option, it is melted down and served warm.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got the whole process honed to perfection and can maintain a quick serving rate.

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2. We cater to a range of dietary requirements

Our churros are completely vegan and always have been. We also use organic flour and have a dairy free chocolate if needed. Our only allergens are soya (in both chocolates) and gluten in our flour.

Unfortunately we can’t do gluten free churros. The gluten is actually integral to our recipe, and is the reason our churros are so delicate and fluffy.

If you do require gluten free options make sure to ask. Over the years we’ve worked alongside some amazing GF cooks and bakers who we can recommend, or even call upon to put together a treat box for us.

3. Flexibility

Apart from our hamstrings, we couldn’t be more flexible. We pride ourselves on making our clients lives as easy as possible. And no challenge is too big – we once served at a wedding in India only using equipment that fit in our hand luggage.

We have a number of different stall options, including various sized gazebos, with our signature rustic wooden stall frontages, as well as two majestic food trucks.

We can operate in pretty much any space, indoor or out, and are happy to serve well into the night. Power wise we can use gas, electric, a mixture of both, or be completely self sufficient with our own batteries or generators.

Photo of the Los Churros Amigos food truck at a private event

4. Full health and safety compliance

This is the boring bit but it’s very much worth mentioning. Especially as it helps reduce the stress levels for our clients when they’re already swamped planning their party or wedding.

We’ve always held a 5 star food hygiene rating, we’re fully compliant with all the necessary insurance, and our risk assessments are tailored to the COVID safe world we now live in.

All of our staff have a minimum Level 2 food hygiene qualification.

5. The best customer service

Our staff don’t just know the correct contact time for anti bac spray, they’re also a pleasure to spend an evening with. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Like true social chameleons they are just as comfortable in a formal corporate environment, as they are at children’s birthday party. Always willing to go the extra mile, and armed with extensive churros knowledge, they are probably our biggest asset.


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