A week in the life of Los Churros Amigos

28th September 2017

Street Food

It’s easier than a week in the life of the average Joe, but there is more to street food than just converting Citroen H Vans and naming pizzas after wrestlers.

Photo of the Los Churros Amigos team at an event

The late nights, the endless driving, the hours of prep, and working every single weekend. However good your idea/recipe is, without getting stuck in and doing those hard yards, you’re going to fail. And even if you do put all your effort in, you could still fail. Wait why do we do this?!

Sunday – Day of rest

Mow the lawn, Netflix and chill, get down to Hampton Court Palace and pack up a stall. A rare quiet Sunday. Somehow we’re also two staff down. One ill, one AWOL.
3pm – Set off to Hampton Court. Event finishes at 6. I’m well ahead of the game.
5.30pm – Still sat in the van. M25 has had me right off.
6.30pm – Arrive at Hampton Court.
“Where’s your wristband mate?”
“Haven’t got one… only here to pack down, event’s finished hasn’t it?”
“Still can’t get in without a wristband.”
*Starts raining*

Monday – The world is my office

Everyone has safely returned from weekend’s events – AWOL staff member included. The manic summer months are a distant memory. Mountains of admin to get through at home. Mostly health and safety questionnaires and risk assessments. Edge of your seat stuff. Get it all done, despite new puppy humping the squeak out of his stuffed rabbit all day. Quite distracting.

Tuesday – Living the dream

One of the vans is knackered. Well technically they’re all knackered, but one is in urgent need of help. Drop that off at mechanics. Gonna cost over a grand. Nice one. Head straight to the farm (our HQ and scene of many an epic darts match). The end of summer clean starts today with the fryers, all 12 of them.

Wednesday – Still living the dream…

Go back to the farm. Clean some more.

Thursday – Need a different dream?

Farm. Clean. Was hoping to finish everything by last night. Was always a bit of a pipe dream, especially considering the amount of darts played. Finally fryers are clean, boilers are clean, and two vans are packed. All set for the weekend.

Friday – Actual day of rest

Day off. Don’t know what to do with self, still trying to phase back into civilian life after the summer. Should try and teach the puppy that humping ain’t sound.

Saturday – Working late

8am – Arrive at Wembley to set up for following day’s NFL game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens. Need to leave by 11 to get to another event in Brighton for 1.
1.30pm – Arrive in Brighton. M25 has done us, again. Rapid set up required. Smash it. Event is a beauty.
Whilst in Brighton, get a phone call. Turns out we need a gas cage at Wembley tomorrow.
11.30pm – Make it home via an Oxfordshire scrap yard and 24-hour Tesco. Missed Match of the Day, but we’ve got a gas cage (kind of), and the puppy has got some food.

Sunday – Up and at ’em

6am – On the road to Wembley with a military grade flask of coffee and some very tired Amigos.
6.15am – No coffee left. Long day ahead.
4pm – Everything went well, except the till broke, oh, and we didn’t actually make any money due to heightened security checks grinding our usual footfall to a halt. Ah well, there’s always next week.


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