About Us

About Us

Los Churros Amigos was inspired by one man’s first taste of happiness at a Christmas market in 2012. Waiting (always waiting!) for his wife to turn up, and having been drawn in by some weird looking doughy tentacles, he decided to fill his belly. The moment that deep-fried, doughnuty, octopus leg of joy hit his lips, he knew what had to be done.

A taste and feeling was etched into his noggin there and then. He realised everyone needed to have that same weird/amazing feeling, and he would not stop until he had spread the churros love to everyone in the country!

Founder Hugo Tracey has now developed a fantastic churros-loving team that as the name ‘Los Churros Amigos’ suggests; are not just colleagues but also great friends. We love what we sell and we love what we do, so service always comes with a smile! You’d be crazy not to love working with a big pot of melted chocolate at the biggest festivals, right?

As the hunger for churros has grown, so have we. From Glastonbury to Wembley, on to the Alps and even India, you name it we’ve been there!

Los Churros Amigos now has 8 separate churros shacks, all wonderfully crafted out of reclaimed wood from a collapsed barn on Hugo’s Mum’s farm. This authentic quality is something we really pride ourselves on, especially when it comes to making our churros.

Freshly made from scratch in front of you, with organic flour and completely vegan ingredients (excluding the dreamy Belgian chocolate dip), our churros are the perfect mix between traditional Spanish heritage and the British sweet tooth.

A visit to one of our churros stalls promises great taste, big smiles and a very happy tummy.

But be warned, you may get addicted!

Be sure to sniff us out at your next event this year, or our first permanent home on the roof terrace of Westgate Oxford.

Imagine if his wife had been early…

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What are churros?

For those unfortunate enough to not know what churros are, let us explain!

Churros are eaten with a thick chocolate sauce (which to our mind is generally pretty foul tasting and hence why we use melted Belgian chocolate) at any time of day throughout Spanish and Latino countries, and are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, the States and the Far East. We’re doing our best to bring the UK up to scratch with the rest of the world!

History is divided as to how churros originated. Some say they were the brainchild of nomadic Spanish shepherds, who with no access to bakeries, needed to cook quickly with minimal ingredients, and used a simple pan to fry churros over a fire.

This story seems credible as there is a breed of sheep called the “Navajo–Churro” whose horns resemble churros.

Another version of events came from a 135 year old Portuguese farmer I spoke to. He said Portuguese sailors had discovered a dish called “You Tiao” whilst sailing on the Chinese shores. They had brought it back with them only for the Spanish to get hold of the recipe, and put their own little twist on it by putting it through a “Churrera” to produce that oh-so-sweet signature star shape that churros are so well known for.

From there, the Conquistadores took them to Latin America and as they say, the rest is history. Whether it was the Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese, it matters not…

It’s now up to Los Churros Amigos to bring you the best damn churros this world has ever tasted!