About Us

Making People Happy Since 2012

Los Churros Amigos was founded by Hugo Tracey in 2012, just as the UK street food scene was taking off.

Seven years later, our journey has taken us from the fields of Glastonbury, to royal weddings in India, and the headquarters of companies like Twitter and Ebay.

The Churros:

Along the way we’ve perfected our recipe, and we believe it is the ultimate mix between traditional Spanish heritage and the British sweet tooth.

Freshly made, with organic flour and completely vegan ingredients, our churros are served with a thick melted Belgian chocolate sauce of the highest quality.

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What are churros?

Sweet, fried, sticks of dough.

Sometimes known as Spanish doughnuts – although history is divided as to how churros originated.

Some say they were the brainchild of nomadic Spanish shepherds, who with no access to bakeries, and minimal ingredients, made a simple dough and used a pan to fry churros over a fire. This story seems credible as there is a breed of sheep in Spain called the “Navajo–Churro” whose horns resemble the shape of churros.

Another version of events came from a Portuguese farmer we spoke to. He said Portuguese sailors had discovered a similar fried dough called “Youtiao” whilst sailing on the Chinese coast. They brought the recipe back with them and began to spread the word.

Putting Iberian rivalries aside, the farmer did concede that it was the Spanish who first implemented the use of a ‘churrera’. A churrera is the machine that gives churros their star shape, and in turn that wonderfully crisp texture.