Amigo-ography: Jacob

14th February 2017

This is the first in what will be a regular series (more likely a one-off) profiling some of the people who have made Los Churros Amigos what it is today. These guys keep the company ticking so they deserve some recognition.

First up is Neg.

It’s half-term at the moment so Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick is open all week. Neggy is there every night and has been since the event began. As well as working for us he is also picking up some extra shifts with our good friends The Duck Truck every morning, as he tries to pay off his upcoming Masters Degree. Impressive work ethic, especially considering he spends his weekends living like Keith Richards.

Ever since his first gig for us, when he abandoned Hugo to ‘go for a dance’, Neggle’s enthusiasm has always kept customers entertained. Staff love working with him, and the relaxed atmosphere he creates when managing a stall is exactly what people are looking for when they’re off their nut at a music festival.

Originally from Lincoln, he began working for us 3 years ago whilst studying Philosophy in Leeds. As well as making the best churros in the company (according to Hugo) he has a wealth of knowledge ranging from the history of the alphabet, to his real passion: tea. The fella loves a brew, especially if it is a rare organic leaf from Burma.

As self-appointed Head of HR, Jacob is a real man of the people. He takes it on himself to rise against the ‘Victorian working conditions’ our staff suffer, and his fight for a pay increase will never cease.