Chatsworth House

11th November 2015


Derbyshire is well known as the home of the Bakewell Tart, but for the next three weeks we’re taking over.

Churros are ready to go at Chatsworth House for their bumper (and free) Christmas Market, running from 12th November (tomorrow) through to 29th November.

Weekdays: 10am – 5.30pm
Weekends: 10am – 6pm

Parking fees do apply.

Weekdays: £5 per car
Weekends: £10 per car

You can’t miss us, we’re slap bang in the middle of the action, although we’re not in one of our usual stalls. Instead we’re in a borrowed mobile trailer, something we’re very excited about as we look into possible avenues for future units of our own.

The lack of space to store our stock (bags of flour, boxes of Belgian chocolate, cans of oil etc.) has already caused a couple of problems though, especially after a slight misunderstanding with the landlord of the cottage we are renting for the duration of our time at Chatsworth.

We managed to get on the wrong side of him almost immediately, by mistakenly thinking we could store our stock in the cottage.

Thankfully we found somewhere else to put everything, but this did mean that we spent most of Tuesday loading and unloading a van with nearly a month’s worth of stock in it! Hugo’s glass hip is in turmoil.

Anyway back to Chatsworth House. What a beauty.


We can’t wait to get started and I’m sure if you get the chance you’ll be there too. Beware though they are operating a timed ticketing system for the house until 3rd January in order to reduce queuing times. Find out more here.