Farewell 2015

16th December 2015

We don’t want to be those guys who look back on 2015 with teary eyes – we ain’t soppy here at Los Churros Amigos.


* A glorious sight. Sun and a queue

That being said, it has been one hell of a year for us. We love nothing more than bringing churros and Belgian chocolate to the masses, and with four stalls we have served more of you beautiful festival-heads than ever.


* Remember kids, eat churros as part of a balanced diet. Unlike Charlie

Download, Glastonbury, Latitude, Wilderness, Dogfest… the list goes on. We came, we fried, we conquered.


* Asking “would you like cinnamon?” for 14 hours straight can have an adverse effect

2015 hasn’t just been about feeding lunatics in fields for us though. We’ve sipped champagne at Henley Regatta, provided the Halloween treats at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, and most recently fed the fine folk at Twitter’s London office. We can be classy sods when needed.


* On a top secret film set. Just another day at the office

Our 2016 schedule is already looking busy, but if you’re interested in our services we’re sure we can fit you in. Be it a super-festival, or your cat’s birthday party, feel free to get in touch.


* Tough first day for Toby

So as we gear up for the last few days at Winterville (Victoria Park, East London), let us wish you all the merriest Christmas.

See you next year!


* Two of London’s most iconic buildings