Fireworks and India

14th November 2016

Freezing cold and can’t feel your toes? Doesn’t matter.

Pouring down with rain and you’ve not brought a brolly? Doesn’t matter.

Too many people in the way to get a good view? Doesn’t matter.

There’s nothing like bonfire night to bring the British people out.

They love fireworks, and it turns out they love eating churros and chocolate while they watch.

We were that busy we only managed to take one photo the whole weekend, but everyone knows what a firework looks like.


Not much has happened since. We’ve done a lot of cleaning, started prepping for the two Magical Lantern Festivals, and oh yeah, that Trump bloke won that election thing. But hey – doesn’t matter.

Next weekend a couple of us are heading to India to make churros at a millionaire’s wedding. Hugo is going to be in Oxford doing the Merton Winter Ball  and the Christmas Lights. He’s been slightly shafted there, but we have to keep up appearances in our home town.

In all seriousness we are beyond flattered to have been chosen to go out to India, it shows how highly our churros are rated and all of our staff, past and present, deserve a pat on the back for maintaining such standards.

As well as Udaipur and Oxford, we’ll also be found in the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham and Roundhay Park, Leeds for the start of Magical Lantern.


After it’s debut in Chiswick earlier this year, Magical Lantern Festival has spread across the country. Both events run from November 25th until the start of 2017, so if you’re in the area there is no excuse to miss out on such a unique experience.