25th April 2017

OK so here’s the latest instalment of our blockbuster blog. I know it’s been a real page-turner so far, and I’m sorry for making you all wait for so long with such eager anticipation.

The first port of call has got to be our road trip to Spain in March. Just like last year we went to visit our suppliers, and with a couple of fixes needed, we were left with a few days to ourselves. After such a long drive, soundtracked by some hard-hitting podcasts (Last Podcast on the Left) we decided to treat ourselves with more driving and a trip to Lisbon.

None of us had ever been to Lisbon before so we dived in head first, and were delighted with what we found. Maybe it was the hangover-free red wine, maybe it was the deliciously cheap food, or maybe it was simply the sheer conviviality of our local neighbourhood. Lisbon is now our favourite European city.

In actual churros related news, we’ve also been having a great time of it. During the Easter weekend, as the rest of the country got blind drunk and sunburnt to celebrate the resurrection of a bearded man with long hair, our very own bearded man with long hair was hard at work turning water into churros, to feed the thousands at Tall Ships in Greenwich.


Across London, the guys behind Magical Lantern were trying out a new venture called Jurassic Kingdom and we tagged along. We can safely say that all parties smashed it, and Jurassic Kingdom is going to be repeated across the land this summer. If you get the chance then take your kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, dogs, cats – just find an excuse to go and check it out.

This weekend we’re in London again. On Saturday night we’ve got tickets for the Anthony Joshua fight, then we’re up bright, early and bleary-eyed to make churros-galore at the Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon with Feast It. On Monday we’ll scoot over to Billericay where we’ve got a stall at the Soapbox Derby, then the week after we’re down on the south coast for Christchurch Food Festival. Living the dream!