New year blues

14th January 2016

The first day back after Christmas is always the worst.

The sluggishness brought on by ridiculous amounts of alcohol is still in your system. Your bank account is empty, but your belly is bulging. Temperatures have suddenly dropped to freezing, and staying in bed has become really appealing.

Everything feels a lot like this:

But once you get that first day out of the way everything starts to look a little clearer, and by the end of the first week, optimism for the year ahead is starting to grow.

That’s been the case with us here at Los Churros Amigos, anyway. We have some big plans for 2016, and all shall be revealed in due course.

In the meantime we are hard at work preparing for a few upcoming events.

One of the events in question is on Valentine’s Day, but there’s no Cupid nonsense, it’s a Chinese New Year celebration. The year of the Monkey will be welcomed in across London, and the place to be is Trafalgar Square, where there will be churros and chocolate a-plenty!

Later on in February sees the start of something we’ve been anticipating for a while – our stint in the Trinity Kitchen at Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

Trinity Kitchen is Leeds’ home to vibrant street food, and Los Churros Amigos will be added to the mix from February 21st until April 3rd. Our churros usually go down a storm with the good people of Yorkshire, and the excitement is really starting to build with less than six weeks to go.

Compared to that first day back, we’re suddenly feeling like our usual selves: