Staff Blog: Nick

11th September 2018

Nick is one of our longest serving staff members. He can do a surprising amount of pull-ups and has a very willing attitude. He also dissects frogs in his spare time.

The following does not necessarily represent the views of the company.

“It’s been a long old summer and I think its safe to say we’re all absolutely shattered.

This year we achieved our record breaking weekend at Latitude, which saw 7 of our bravest chuzza heads serve it up to everyone in the east of England. It really was a hard fought battle, with chocolate spilt on both sides. The war stories from that glorious weekend are still being echoed around churros HQ and I can’t see them stopping anytime soon.

Our main aim of the summer was to capture the hearts, minds and tastebuds of the English populous through the medium of mouthwatering churros. Yet the closer we get to this aim, one thing always seems to remain constant – THE PRONUNCIATION OF THE WORD CHURROS BEING ABSOLUTELY BUTCHERED.

For your pleasure here’s a top 3 of the various mispronunciations we’ve had this year:

Coming in at number 3 we have ‘chorizo’ – I mean come on, our sign clearly states vegan friendly.

Coming in at number 2 we have ‘cheerios’ – the amount of times I hear this makes me think we’ve chosen the wrong product.

And coming in at number 1… ‘chips’ – not technically a mispronunciation, more of a visual misinterpretation. Nevertheless, it’s the most British misinterpretation ever and we love it!

I think that what this list shows more than anything is the sheer lack of culture us Brit’s have. Yet slowly but surely at LCA we are changing that by introducing more and more people to a little Spanish delicacy we like to call chuzzas.

Thank you and goodnight. NB x”