Staff Blog: PJ

27th November 2018

So it’s been a pretty quiet one down at Chuzza HQ since wrapping it up for the summer.

I personally used some of my time to travel to the Land of the Chuzza; Barcelona, Spain where many churreros eagerly await for the chance to demonstrate the skills they’ve been honing down. While many a valiant effort was made it’s safe to say we can still comfortably sit on the throne as the kings (and queens (for the ladies)) of dropping a fire mix.

Since then I’ve just been hitting my pile of books to catch up on some much neglected reading since our departing at Westgate. Soundo Poundo.

While things have been pretty great, we had to learn that life is not only about love but also about loss, as a tearful Hugo had to say farewell to one of the best in the game, the real O.G, Jacob Negus-Hill, as him and his family packed up the house and set off for a massive mashup in Thailand.

It was certainly a sad time for all of us but in the courageous and inspirational words of Neg himself, “goodbye is never goodbye” especially when it comes to Los Churros Amigos, so he decided to soak up what he could and jumped on the first flight back home. You can once again find him back in his element charming customers, and banging out some of the freshest, tastiest churros the world has to offer!

The end of summer also saw rise to the first ever Chuzza Awards™ (2018) while the gang got together for a big night out. Put out to the popular vote, contestants were battling in a fight for 1 of 3 prizes: “Best Newcomer”, “Best Mix”, and last but by no means least, the appropriately named; “Jacob Negus-Hill Award”,  given out to the best staff member of the year.

As a viable candidate for all 3 categories I got majorly shafted by not being voted in for anything but in all fairness we do have an incredible team of people and the winners were undoubtedly a deserving bunch, with the titles going to Megan Wade, Nick Braycotton and Sophia Massay respectively.

Once the celebrations were over and we got down our numerous rounds at the old Rusty Bicycle we all decided to walk into town to show Oxford what we were made of, but somehow managed to lose Hugo along the way! He probably forgot his I.D again, and we figured out at our beginning of summer bash how strict they were about I.D after we hilariously saw Huggins (who’s approaching 40) being denied entry by Oxford’s vigilant bouncers… All in all though it was a pretty swell night…

Anyway, while we’ve all had a nice cooling down period (literally), there’s still a few things in the pipeline before we can call 2018 a wrap.

We’ve already smashed out pretty much every firework event in the country, including one of our favourites at Ally Pally, but there’s still loads more to come including Oxford Christmas Market, starting December 7th on Broad Street.

But if you can’t wait that long to find your next churros fix, you can currently find myself manning a stall every weekend at South London’s ‘Public‘ in Woolwich, with our boys from ‘Street Feast’.

The whole setup is pretty cool, got the whole abandoned warehouse vibe going on, but way more fancy. You can find our grandeurously-magnificent stall in between ‘RUM HOLE’ (great name) and ‘RAASTAWALA’ (awesome Indian food). Be sure to make your way down so we can see some friendly faces. Would love to see you all!