Where we’ve been: Pop-up at The Wave

26th February 2021

The Wave, Bristol

The Wave, on the outskirts of Bristol, is the country’s first-ever inland surfing lake. Powered by epic ‘Wavegarden‘ technology there is uninterrupted surf for all skill levels. Waves can reach over 6 feet in height, and are pumped out at almost 1000wph (waves per hour).

Overhead shot of The Wave in Bristol where Los Churros Amigos had a pop-up in 2020

On a summers day, it’s hard to say we’ve ever served churros in a more serene setting. You are completely surrounded by farmland, and the crashing of waves provides a unique soundtrack that is only broken by the screams of the odd learner going for an absolute Burton.

Sunset at The Wave in Bristol where Los Churros Amigos had a pop-up in 2020

Our path to The Wave came thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. With our usual events season in tatters, we were approached by head honcho Tina Wallis to help ease the load on the Wave’s cafe, as they reopened to the public on August 1st.

Our trusty wooden shack that served us so well at Westgate and Secret Cinema was brought out of storage.  Miraculously every single piece still fitting together perfectly.


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How it went

We’ll call the first couple of weeks an ‘adjustment period’. Both ourselves and the public had to get used to the new Covid-safe way of life, whilst melting in a record-breaking heatwave. Things were soon looking up though. The Eat Out to Help Out scheme meant surfers could get their hands on 36 churros for just ten quid. Single handedly kicking the economy back into gear.

Photo of a young girl enjoying a fresh portion of churros and chocolate at The Wave in Bristol

Unfortunately the return of rising cases in Bristol meant we only lasted until November. But we built up a loyal customer base, including most of the surf instructors who somehow kept their washboard stomachs despite daily churros.

Photo of Mega Chuzza Bucket and Mega Choccy Dip

Founders Nick Hounsfield and Craig Stoddart really have created something incredible. One of their main goals was to provide a space to help improve people’s mental well-being. This has definitely been achieved in the minds of Los Churros Amigos and we hope to return at some point in the future.


All photos courtesy of Image Cabin.