Westgate Oxford

26th October 2017

It’s finally happening: we’re getting our first place to call home!

On the 6th of November we are opening on the roof terrace of the new Westgate shopping centre in Oxford.

So from November 6th get up there and enjoy the unique view of the Oxford skyline that the roof terrace offers.

Have I mentioned the date we move in? It’s the 6th of November.

As most of you know, Oxford is our hometown, and to say we’re excited to be opening our flagship stall in our own backyard is an understatement.

At the moment the plan is that we’re going to be there until January. But if it goes well then we’ll probably stick around.

Joining us will be our good mates Le Rac Shack. Churros and cheese, what a combination.

I’m not gonna sit back and give it the old “we’ve come a long way” because we’re still only just getting started, but our first ever stall does seem like a distant memory right now!